Music Video Views

Outstanding Achievement Awards are being presented to members of the IMHOF (singers, musicians, songwriters and producers) who have reached milestones in one of the categories below:

Music video views over 1,000
Music video views over 5,000
Music video views over 10,000
Music Video views over 25,000
Music Video Views over 50,000
Music video views over 100,000
Music Video views over 250,000
Music Video views over 500,000
Music video views over 1,000,000


​* Based on total views of one music video title.  Count total can include a cumulative total among 
all of the video player platforms that your video appears on. 

​To submit for awards recognition in this category, "Click Here"
(Note: You must be a member of the IMHOF to be eligible for achievement awards consideration. To join, "click here".)

Awards recognition is offered in the form of the following:

IMHOF Award graphic for your website/social media,

listing on the IMHOF website and the Indie Music Channel app - Free

Officially Embossed IMHOF Certificate (unframed) - $40

Officially Embossed IMHOF Certificate (Framed) - $85



Submissions are currently being reviewed and evaluated within 24-48 hours upon receiving. 

In most cases, awards recognition is processed and presented to the artist, or person making

the submission, within 2 business days following review evaluation.