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The roots of Yulia Petrova’s extraordinary & exquisite technique as an artist & composer today, can all be traced back to the earliest days of her childhood, when she first discovered her connection to music by learning how to play piano at the age of five. Though extremely young at the time, it was instantly clear she had a genuinely special gift and exceptional talent for her age, and it was only three years later before Yulia began to compose her very first songs, establishing her passions & pathway forward in life.
In 2016, Yulia’s stunning debut single “Storm” featuring the legendary talents of guitarist Sergey Ignatov verifiably proved she was a sonic force to be reckoned with, and immediately solidified her place in the music-scene. An authentic tour-de-force – since its release, “Storm” has gone on to receive wild critical acclaim, winning the top honors at the Los Angeles Film Awards, the Lonely Seal International Film & Music Festival, the American Songwriting Awards, and the Hollywood Songwriting contest – all in 2019!

Yulia would go on to continue to impress listeners all around the globe & take home even more awards as she emerged as an artist with a bright future ahead. In fact, she’s never released a song that hasn’t been selected for anything less than the top spot in competitions to-date, with 2019’s “Where There Is Nothing To Say” & her collaboration with Joel McCray on “King Of Kings,” and 2020’s “For You” featuring Grammy Award-winning producer Madukwu Chinwah, all being recognized in various ways throughout the international scene with recognition for best performances, best songwriter, and best original songs.

Truly blessed to be able to share her talents with each & every one of you listening all around the world, Yulia has already achieved another milestone in 2021, with her single “The Love Of God” winning best original music/song at the Nieves International Christian Film Festival earlier this year.

In addition to the release of another award-winning song to add to her catalog and growing legacy, she’s also put out the beautifully jazzy, vibrantly colorful & remarkably catchy new single “Perfect Love” online for all to enjoy, as Yulia puts the finishing touches & details into her highly-anticipated upcoming debut full-length Jazz album called Best Wishes.

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