Chart Ranking

Outstanding Achievement Awards are being presented to members of the IMHOF (singers, musicians, songwriters and producers) who have reached milestones in one of the categories below:

- Ranking #1
- Ranking in the Top 10
- Ranking in the Top 40
- Ranking in the Top 100


*Based on ranking or charting of one song or album title.  Count total can be based on sales ranking, airplay ranking on a radio station (terrestrial or internet) or plays/spins on a music player.  

​To submit for awards recognition, "Click Here"
(Note: You must be a member of the IMHOF to be eligible for achievement awards consideration)

Awards recognition is offered in the form of the following:

IMHOF Award graphic for your website/social media,

listing on the IMHOF website and the Indie Music Channel app - Free

Officially Embossed IMHOF Certificate (unframed) - $40

Officially Embossed IMHOF Certificate (Framed) - $85